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Ever dreamt of reshaping the world of multifamily developments? Dive into the exciting journey with the MKX family. Together, let's write the next chapter of success.

Jr Acquisition Analyst

Are you a sales professional with an unwavering passion for driving business growth and delivering unparalleled customer value? Metz Kelly invites you to join our dynamic team as a Junior Acquisition Analyst, where you will help lead the charge in driving acquisitions for our growing company.

Financial Analyst

Role and Responsibilities

The analyst will be responsible for helping acquire commercial real estate investment properties within assigned regions.

Role: Acquisitions Analyst


This position will support the Acquisitions Specialist/Account Executive in underwriting, analyzing and modeling transactions. The analyst will assist in due diligence of transactions under consideration, validate underwriting assumptions and prepare presentations regarding potential transactions for review by the investment committee and external partners. The analyst must possess an understanding of real estate dynamics and valuation methodologies within different asset classes and will support capital raising efforts and project management.



  • Help underwrite and analyze potential investments.

  • Assist in the due diligence process of potential investments.

  • Perform financial analysis and underwriting of potential acquisitions. Analysis will include historical, current and pro-forma operating numbers. Will update and adjust the models throughout the development of the project.

  • Preparation of financial models to include deal level and waterfall IRR’s.

  • Prepare underwriting, investor and lender packages

  • Review deals with the Acquisitions Manager

  • Ability to identify, source, qualify and use data sources necessary for modeling.

  • Understanding of the macro and micro drivers of real estate value across sectors and their use in effectively underwriting transactions.

  • Prepare Letters of Intent for potential acquisitions that have been approved by the Acquisitions Manager

  • Help construct an argument regarding a decision to invest or not invest and communicate that argument efficiently in written materials; be able to present and defend position in a team environment, including at Executive Management meetings.

  • Constantly track market activity to identify new target markets and opportunities and perform comprehensive industry and market researches.

  • Coordinate as necessary with construction, design and management and accounting teams.

  • Review contracts relating to acquisitions, dispositions, management agreements, service contracts, consulting agreements, etc.


  • 1-2 years’ experience in real estate cash flow modeling.

  • Strong written and oral communication skills to effectively communicate analysis and results.

  • Ability to work independently, be resourceful and make appropriate decisions without specific direction.

  • Ability and willingness to travel (ground and air) to find potential investment deals and meet with senior management.

  • Exceptional Excel modeling skills.

  • Must be very detail oriented and highly organized.

  • Exceptional research and analysis abilities.

  • Must be able to discreetly handle sensitive and confidential material.

  • Requires exceptional organizational skills.

  • Requires the ability to perform long-range tasks while handling short-term interruptions.

  • Requires knowledge of Microsoft Office programs and internet search engine.

  • Must have a keen sense of urgency.

  • Must be computer savvy and comfortable with graphics for presentation reporting.

  • Previous outstanding academic success in college/university

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