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Troubled Assets

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MKX transforms distressed assets into success stories, even when faced with complex challenges.

MKX provides solutions for lenders and equity partners grappling with distressed and troubled assets. Whether it's a development project halted mid-way due to a sponsor's exit or a venture facing significant hurdles, we're here for the turnaround. To round out our offerings, our in-house security service ensures the utmost protection and stability throughout the process.


  • Intervention & Distressed Asset Turnaround

    • Marketing and leasing of distressed properties in difficult times

    • Condominium projects

    • Capital improvement planning

    • Repositioning strategies

  • Construction Recovery & Completion

    • Incomplete projects advisory

    • Construction Scheduling

    • Development of Recalibrated Management Plans

    • Implementation of Recovery Plan

    • Vendor management

  • Defaults

    • Workouts

    • Reorganization

    • Foreclosure Process Support

    • Special Asset Disposition

  • Assesment

    • Defaults

    • Continued Feasibility

    • Contract Document Review

    • Review of Completed Work

    • Value of Work Assessments

  • Financials

    • Competing Creditor Plan Alternatives 

    • Underwriting Evaluation

    • Assessment of holding costs

    • Asset, financial and collateral analysis

  • Receivership

    • Certified Receivers in New York  

    • Property Management

    • Development Management

    • Safeguarding

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