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What We Do

At MKX, we're not just focused on assets; we're passionate about discovering hidden value. Specializing in identifying and revitalizing overlooked or distressed assets, our team transforms challenges into profitable ventures with a keen emphasis on sustainable growth and heritage preservation. Dive deep with MKX, where we turn forgotten assets into thriving investments, bridging the past with a promising future.

Value-Add Multifamily

MKX specializes in overseeing value-add multifamily developments, ensuring optimal returns for our capital partners while minimizing risks for lenders. With extensive experience, we adeptly handle each phase of development and construction. Furthermore, we navigate intricate regulatory and transactional challenges to guarantee a project's triumph.

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Troubled Assets

MKX provides solutions for lenders and equity partners facing distressed and challenged assets. Whether it's a development project halted midway due to a sponsor's withdrawal or a venture facing persistent hurdles, we're here to navigate the turnaround.

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Adaptive Reuse

MKX is at the forefront of adaptive reuse, seamlessly converting hospitality and office spaces into multifamily units. Our in-depth experience in these sectors positions us to maximize returns for capital partners and reduce risks for lenders. Skillfully navigating the complex transition from commercial to residential, we address regulatory intricacies and transactional hurdles, driving each project towards unparalleled success.

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