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Adaptive Reuse


We are masters of adaptive reuse, turning structures into profitable ventures. Expertly navigating retrofit intricacies, we ensure project success with minimal risks.

  • Repurposing Existing Structures

    • Breathes new life into old buildings

    • Sustainable use of resources

    • Economically beneficial

    • Increases urban density without new construction

  • Motel to Multifamily Conversion

    • Cost-Efficient Renovation

    • Infrastructure in Place

    • Speedy Construction Process

  • Office To Multifamily Conversion

    • Often Low Entry Price

    • Uncommon Niche (2 Projects Completed)

    • Easy to Add Commercial Components

  • Innovative Space Solutions

    • Modern functionalities in historic settings

    • Creative designs meet practical needs

    • Flexible spaces for diverse uses

    • Fusion of old charm with modern amenities

  • Regulatory and Transactional Navigation

    • Navigates complex approvals and permits

    • Understands challenges specific to older properties

    • Mitigates potential legal issues

    • Streamlines transformation processes

  • Preserving Cultural Identity

    • Honors historical significance

    • Celebrates local community

    • Enhances local character and identity

MKX excels in the realm of adaptive reuse, transforming existing structures to serve new purposes while ensuring maximum returns for our capital partners and minimizing risks for lenders. With a rich background in this niche, we expertly navigate the intricacies of retrofitting and repurposing, addressing regulatory nuances and transactional challenges to ensure the revitalized project's success.

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